Final day at Delray Beach and then home :-(

Posted By on April 15, 2007

Corbett Family

Closing out the week with a family photo and post after a safe flight home; it was a great week of ‘just’ family. I’ve been heavy on the personal memories this week, but I did want to archive a family photo the good time we had. For three us it was just the sunshine, relaxation, beach and ocean … Taylor on Beachbut for my son it was ‘surf’ (he prefers the waves and surfboard — we had few) or ‘skimboarding.’ He had fun giving lessons to young and old (60+ grandpa types) on skidding along where the waves meet the sand (see video clip below). I did notice a couple teenage girls inching there way down to talk with him … oh to be young again.

One of the more interesting moments was watching a school of small fish get pushed to shore by a 3-4 foot ‘jack’ and the scraps being snatch by a small shark a few feet from shore. Amazingly fast and obvious why they could easily take a quick bite out of a swimmer and dash off.

Palm Treo 700p smartphone Skimboarding clip


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