Donna Lange facing another gale

Posted By on April 14, 2007

Donna LangeAn Atlantic storm has put Donna Lange‘s landfall on April 21st; April 28th is now her official homecoming in Bristol Rhode Island. The northern hemisphere has brought a final gale and severe weather her way and her 28 foot sailboat Insanity Island is receiving one final battering. Although she has proven herself a capable sailor she could use a few prayers for her safety in this final storm. Check for daily updates on her landfall or view plots (and log entries) here — mouse over the plot point.

1200UTC 0800local EST 0100NZ
April 13,2007 Happy Friday!! hugs!!
“A gale still to marvel in….”
position: 3057N 6923W
winds: WNW 15-20kn
sp: 4kn COG:352 seas:3′
point of sail:closehauled (close reach over night)
sails; one reef main, genny with a reef
miles sailed: 100nm
miles to go: 645nm to Bristol
forecast: The next 2 days will be NW winds 15kn
and then lightening up and going more SW. By the
15th S winds 15kn. Early morn on the 16th a gale
will come through with up to 50kn gusts but by
nightfall winds should ease to 35kn. The real
issue is my position to the gulf stream which is
a very powerful warm water river in the sea which
creates a challenge to cross in normal conditions.
Depending on how the storm moves, I can have SW-NW
winds following the gale. If I can get close enought
to the gulf stream so that I can cross it near
after the storm, the winds should be SW -W and
make a good crossing even if a bit wild as the
winds are going to be 35kn. But if it takes too
long for me to get there, the winds may have turned
NW-N which will make an ugly crossing. I have
a really good peace about the whole storm and we
will no doubt keep pace and get to the stream with
good winds to cross. It is interesting that when
I was writing the song ‘Just a LIttle Bit Farther”
and the lines came ‘A gale to marvel in , power
and unity, …” I had an intuition that I would
do one more gale and sure enough. The storm is
moving quickly but there is a front following that
is lingering off Cape May which is what will also
effect my stream crossing especially if I get there
more than a day after the storm moves through.
So I am sailing hard trying to make as much progress
north and west as I can to position my self just
NW of the storm centers expected path. NOw keep
in mind, I have not seen the Grib files for today
and these storms develope and change constantly.
It is an obsessive mind torrent for me when a
gale is approaching as I constantly rework the
‘plan’ according to new information. Between the
last 2 days, the high wind center decreased and
moved east. Unfortunatly I usually get my gribs
after doing this log. But it wil reflect in tomorrows
update. I have to say that the adrenalin boost
is doing me good. I do well in a ‘fight’ and have
been existing in that space for a long time. Though
I plan on living a more balanced life, a little
excitement gets me going. I am getting as much
rest as possible while diligently maning the course
and sails. Skies are beautifully blue. It is the
winds today and tomorrow that will determine if
I can get north and postioned well. The NW winds
will be in my face and then the light winds will
slow me. So I am praying for the winds to go more
west and hang in there till saturday when they
are to become favorably 15kn from the S. Finally,
Herb Hilgenberg of the Radio net and I have contact
and good transmissions so we discussed all the
options as a way to handle this storm. He is concerned
about the winds for the gulf stream the most as
I am. But it will be great to be able to check
in with him in the midst. In any storm, the seas
are the real challenge. The wind can blow 100
and it may tear up my old dodger, but won’t sink
me. It is the sea conditions that create the greatest
challenge. Tom OUtman is also back on board with
information and he will be able to give me more
information on the seastates. I always have options
and if the conditions get too crazy on the stream,
I just turn tail and run. Obvious, my boat is
built to handle heavy sea states… my big kayak.
Yes, I could go to Bermuda. It would be 3 days
due east. Then I would have to wait for favorable
winds as I can not make the 6*westing to RI without
the right winds. Herb said that it would be at
least next wed before I could leave. And then
it is 600 tough miles still to RI. At this point,
friends, I am just not up to another week long
delay. It isn’t about the welcome party… it is
about finishing this trip. The chances of another
storm following this one are good..I can do this
storm. I will be fine. The sea promised me that
she would ‘get me to the church on time” and I
feel very good about that. Keepin on Keepin on.
I’ll know by Monday my sched to the stream and
through and if I will be delayed. I have managed
to retain 2 days of fudge time…we may use it..But
if I continue with good progress each day, I will
be in the BAy Friday evening. Just keep that positive
energy flowin…gang… No worries.

I did have to troubleshoot an electrical problem.
The wind generator was not charging the batteries.
Turns out, it was putting out too much voltage,
as the regulator wasn’t working. Plenty of amps.
I wiggled and fiddled and lo and behold…13V.
Thanks Jeff for all your help troubleshooting.
Need new regulator..
conditions: 75* on board. BAr 1010; All good.
I am feeling better. mega dosing vitamins and
colloidal silver. Looking forward with all my
heart to the hugs and welcome of good friends.
You have all been so patient. Please continue
to keep Stu in your prayers as he deals with the
injury to his eye. Mom thanks so much for all
you do. Biggest hugs and all my love to you xoxoxo


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