Dow closes at 13,090

| April 25, 2007

The financial world is beginning to make me nervous once again after an “exuberant” day, as Greenspan might say. The Dow Jones Industrial average closed at its all time high of 13,089.89 with the Nasdaq jumping in for some positive action too — up 23.85 to 2547.89. It will be interesting to see just how […]

Dow Jones Industrials break 13,000

| April 25, 2007

How is your retirement planning going? I hope it includes ‘stocks’ because in and early morning Wall Street trading, the DJIA cracked 13.000 for the first time today. We’ll see how the day goes in hopes it can close there. Currently it has move back, but conditions remain bullish.

BMW/Oracle America’s Cup 18th man auction

| April 25, 2007

Here you go … a chance for a first class trip to Spain and position on America’s Cup BMW/Oracle’s team. With you backing the team they’ll be sure to advance to the finals and win back the cup. 😀 The charity auction is currently running on Ebay for a chance to be the 18th man […]

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