Book: Lone Survivor – by Marcus Luttrell

Posted By on June 27, 2007

Lone SurvivorI’m getting ahead of myself by mentioning a book that I haven’t finished reading yet, but “Lone Survivor” is perhaps the best read of the year. The incredible true account of the author Marcus Luttrell helps one appreciate what incredible men serve in the United States special forces — particularly those included in Operation Redwing. Mr. Luttrell details his “call of duty” (with the help of best selling U.S. Navy novelist Patrick Robinson) and offers a first hand account of current events in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is an emotionally gripping and an incredible peek at our nation’s finest patriots.

Marcus LuttrellI’ve read my share of military history books, but this timely book is written from the heart. The story blends Marcus Luttrell’s life story, his path in becoming a Navy SEAL with the men he served with in the Middle East. His 400 easy to read pages are an excellent account of the War on Terror and the men called to carry out those duties. Luttrell’s patriotism is surpassed only by his dedication to SEAL teammates (click for photo), his incredible will to survive and by those who fought and died to rescue him in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. This is a true story of heroism and the ultimate sacrifice of America’s finest men — I am thankful to the “lone survivor,” Marcus Luttrell, for sharing their character, bravery and patriotism.

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  • will buckochief

    I’m a big advocate for having the best trained men in our special forces, but listening to this guy talk on the interview you link is enough to understand why they get in trouble when it comes to dealing with potential enemies in a Geneva convention way. I also understand just who President Bush is protecting in the recent congressional supenoa.

    • David Grega

       because often times the “Geneva convention way” is the sure way to get yourself or even worse, your team killed….I have no problem with operators doing what they have to in order to accomplish the mission and get home safe…I’ve seen those kinds of acts save lives in combat myself

    • Dontonka

      YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE F&^K  YOUR TALKING ABOUT. GO PITCH A TENT THERE AND ENJOY! Oh yeah, they will kill your your dog too. Your the reason this country is so f&^k up! Look one more IDIOT!

      • Dontonka

        And F*&k Head I surved in the U.S.M.C. Stupid I will spend the $ to send you there! What an IDIOT. DO NOT POST HERE! i WILL F*&9 YOU UP

  • Will,
    Interesting. You very well may be correct that the administration is doing more than giving a ‘blind eye’ to the tactics of the special forces they send after terrorists and their leaders? I suspect high levels of the administration have conversed and chosen to approve of measures that most of us would disapprove of when sitting in our sterile environment.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • ex-Special Ops

    Spotted you post in a Google blog search and wanted you to know that those of us who have served in the Armed Forces (and Special Ops) appreciate your mentioning a brother in arms book and tribute to his buddies. I for one can tell you that its not easy to make split second decision when your adreniline is pumping at lives are on the line … a few liberal big mouths should stick their ass over in the ME and they’d appreciate exactly what our military is doing.

  • Tennessee girl

    I found your post on google search as well. I just finished this book about an hour ago and love it. I have so much admiration for our troops. What an emotional book! I recommend that everyone read it and really take to heart what is written; as it is truth. My heart and prayers go out to each individual serving our country, and to their families. Thanks for your post and for mentioning Marcus’ book. I feel like we owe him and each one of his fallen brothers our time to read about their lives and their bravery.

  • Thanks for commenting on the Luttrell book. I’ve found myself mentioning it as the conversations this past week inched toward “what are you doing on the 4th of July.” It seemed like a great time to not only reflect on those who fought for our country’s Independence, but to think and pray for those fresh in our minds fighting to protect it. (I saw a bothersome image that I can’t get out of my mind … and realized that some we are currently fighting have this in mind for America too)

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