More positive accolades for Volkswagen’s EOS

Posted By on July 19, 2007

VW EOS with top going down
Frank Giovinazzi, Publisher of Car Buyer’s Notebook produced a short YouTube review about the summer fun AND four season Volkswagen EOS. The EOS was Motorweek’s Convertible of the Year for 2007 and Autobytel’s best convertible under $75,000 — its the only retractable hardtop convertible with a panoramic sunroof.

Too bad I’ll never personally own one … my wife eyed it as her next car back in 2006. I’m unsure whether she’ll opt for automatic or the manual transmission, but I’d personally save the Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG transmission) for the TDI diesels. After test driving, I found the six speed manual and 2.0L turbo the best match for the EOS, although if price and economy are of little concern the 3.2 liter 250HP six cylinder might be nice. The turbo charged four cylinder is the same used in the hot little GTI and is very responsive, while still remaining reasonably economical … especially on the highway. (32 mpg with premium fuel) Sure I’d prefer the 140HP TDI version, but the wait in North America might be too long even if I had the patience of Job — I’m sensing we may see a 2008 VW EOS in our garage next year?


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