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Posted By on July 27, 2007

Jeff Dunham Spark of InsantiyFive of us went to the Jeff Dunham comedy show last night and it was terrific. I highly recommend it if you enjoy laughing. The place was packed which surprised me for a Thursday night in Newport Kentucky — the Funnybone on the levee. Jeff Dunham, Achmed the Suicide Bomber, Peanut, the Jose Jalapeňo (’on a stick’) and good ol’ Walter were there to entertain us … a very enjoyable time was had by all. A particularly enjoyable theme in his recent show were his “light blue Toyota Prius” comments … my VW TDI and biodiesel friends will surely laugh at them; funny stuff. People living in an around Cincinnati are enjoying his show so much that the club has added an additional show at 4 PM on Sunday. If you enjoy comedy and ventriloquists, or have never seen Jeff, you should check it out.

Jeff and AchmedJeff Dunham’s new DVD will be released on September 18th or you can pre-order at most places now. His old stuff is also on Comedy Central, if you have cable or satellite TV Or do a search on YouTube and you’ll be able to check him out.

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