Icy roads … at least it felt like it

Posted By on August 9, 2007

Rain and storms
It has been hot in Ohio these past few days … even for August. The temperatures are in the 90s, but it sure has felt hotter with the high humidity. If you are living in the midwest, this tidbit isn’t a major news flash. With these hot and humid conditions can come some pretty intense storms and while driving through them today it felt as if I were driving on ice! It was hard to capture the intensity in a still photos, but trust me it was raining hard. (there was serious wind, lightning and thunder too)

Photo of storms comingThe real problem are my tires, they are in serious need of replacement. I was planning to hold off until this autumn but seeing that I was hydroplaning down I-71 today, I think I’ll replace them sooner. I’ve made a couple of phone calls to check on prices locally for an all-weather 205/55R16 that will fit my Volkswagen Jetta TDI, but couldn’t find a ‘quality’ tire priced right. If I opt to go back to my standard 15 inch stock aluminum wheels I can save a about $100 to $200 on a set of four … Hmm?

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