New tires on both our VW Jetta TDIs

Posted By on August 10, 2007

New Dunlop A60After skating around on the wet pavement yesterday, I called a local Goodyear tire store where I’ve purchase several sets of tires over the years and worked a deal for 8 tires. My daughter heads back to Med school and the last thing I want is for her to slipping around in NE Ohio this winter. I had planned on purchasing the Dunlop Sport A2’s as they were a good combination of handling, economy and decent wear … but ended up with Dunlop Sport A60 for my Volkwagen Jetta TDI and
Kelly Enterprise tiresEnterprise (by Kelly Tires) with road hazard for my daughter’s TDI. My daughter’s 2001 Jetta has about 85,000 miles and has 15″ stock aluminum wheels requiring a P195/65R15 tire which is somewhat cheaper than my larger wheels. A couple years ago I purchased a nice set of 16″ wheels and ‘Z’ rated Kumho tires from Jon Hamilton of RallyVW at a discount, so ended up shopping for 205/55R16.

Dunlop Sport A60 trend
Dunlop Sport A60 trend — click for larger

I’ll post the invoices from a local West Chester Ohio Goodyear tire center for comparison to others shopping for VW tires. Fair price good service. Link to my $424.85 Invoice for Dunlop 205/55R16.

Kelly EnterpriseEnterprise P195/65R15 — click for larger

Link to the invoice for my daughter’s tires which total $386.33 Invoice which includes Road Hazard coverage.


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