STS-118 Endeavour launch & B20 price update

Posted By on August 8, 2007

STS118 launchThe space shuttle Endeavour lifts off this late afternoon at 6:36PM (Aug 8th) with a crew of 7 for mission STS-118 to continue work on the International Space Station. It’s was a clean launch with good visibility for those on the ground and from my television vantage point, a perfect launch.
The lead flight director Matt Abbott said that “The mission has lots of angles. There’s a little bit of assembly; there’s some resupply; there’s some repairs. And there are some high-visibility education and public affairs events. It’s a little bit of everything.” Abbott’s mention of “high-visibility education” is reference teacher Barbara Morgan who is part of the crew. The Teacher in Space Project suffered a tragedy during the 1986 Columbia accident. I wish the crew a safe flight and successful mission.

Mt Gilead Sunoco
I’m also posting a price update for the Mt. Gilead Sunoco renewable fuel station (map) … topped off with B20 for $2.93 this morning.


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