Remembering 9/11 six years later

Posted By on September 11, 2007

Remembering 911I would be remiss in not mentioning 9/11 as the United States remembers the 6th anniversary of the attack on America. In many areas of our country, there were 4 pauses for reflection in silence today. In my moment of silence, I recalled that terrible day as I was getting my son off to school. Thinking of him (and my daughter) I gave thanks for their safety before praying for the many families suffering loss. Moments and images came alive again as I watch a few clips on the television from that day. Hopefully remembering such a brutal attack will give our nation and its citizens resolve to diligently secure our country while pursuing al-Qaeda and those advocating terrorism around the world. My thanks to all those who serve and have served the call of our United States; you are the nation’s true patriots.

EDIT 9/11/2007 PM: Since I watched a few short segments today of those speaking to General Petraus who briefed congress on the situation in Iraq, I thought I would include remarks from Sen. John McCain — he could not have been more clear. Well stated.


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