Great Wolf Lodge: another 2008 TDIFest option

Posted By on September 12, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge
In keeping with ‘preliminary’ planning for the Cincinnati/Columbus Ohio area TDIFest for 2008, another possible conference hotel is the ‘new’ Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. (see previous post) The larger and more extravagant 400+ room King’s Island area hotel/lodge is exceptionally nice, but will more than likely reflect higher pricing than what the group is use to.

If the TDIFest is truly going to be a family affair the included activities such as arcade, multiple shops, restaurants and even a Starbucks coffee, along with an integrated water slide activity center would be nice. Unfortunately I’m just not sure how many families will travel with Volkswagen TDI focused members to justify the expected higher room price? Anyway it was another facility to look at and thought I would include a few photos from our visit to the Great Wolf Lodge.


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