The iPhone predicament: To hack or not to hack

Posted By on September 29, 2007

iphoneThose ‘sexy’ iPhones are a pretty attractive (and expensive) toys/tools to be hacking, but according to users around the world they have been modified with software to operate with ‘unauthorized carriers’ around the world. (link) In the U.S., AT&T is the only network authorized by Apple … but hacks and other unsupported programs are being used to bypass this restriction. According to several technology blogs, Apple has warned that the iPhone will most likely not function correctly after updates and may even cause “irreparable” damage.” (link) Some say that this is already happening as several users have reported that after a recent update their iPhones they have become “ibricks.” Owners of iPhones be warned since Apple requires purchasers of iPhones to agree to a lengthy contract with AT&T when buying and will not be supporting phones being hack and used with unauthorized carriers. Engadget details the current should or shouldn’t dilemma iPhone users face when deciding to update to the current 1.1.1 firmware.


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