Wikipedia publishes its 2 millionth English article

Posted By on September 13, 2007


I like the online encyclopedia called Wikipedia even with the continuing flap over disputed posts and ‘insider corrections.’ (check out the wikiscanner which monitors which ip addresses edit which articles regularly) The volunteer writers and editors still do a pretty good job of indicating articles which are questionable and deserve scrutiny. I doubt referencing a Wikipedia entry is ever going to be consider completely authoritative, but for day to day information it has become as commonplace for me as using ‘Google.’ Thankfully most article with questioned ‘neutrality’ are marked for discussion and readers are aware that the entry could be bias.
el hormigueroTo the point of the post … yesterday Wikipedia had it’s 2 millionth ‘English’ article submitted — El Hormiguero. Considering that El Hormiguero is a Spanish television program, it is ironic that ‘it’ would be the 2 millionth ‘English’ article?


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