VW TDI ‘clean diesel’ Jetta/Sportwagens delayed

Posted By on November 8, 2007

Disappointing news from Volkswagen — the new ‘clean diesel‘ 2.0 liter TDIs that were to be available in April 2008 are now going to be delayed until late summer 2008. (perhaps in time for the TDIFest OH-08?) The information comes from VWoA and was announced to the dealer network. The delay is due to a technical issue found in late stage durability testing according to the information.
VW Sportwagen
There is still hope that promotional diesel vehicles will be brought into the U.S. and that the marketing efforts with the Dieselution tour will stimulate pre-orders while educating car buyers about the benefits of owning clean diesel cars. The new diesel products will be in high demand and so VWoA will work to speed up shipments of TDIs. The other models due to receive the new ‘clean diesel’ engines are said to be on track for their 2008 – 2009 deliveries.
EDIT: See Brandweek.


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