Snow, Ice, Curb = Bent Tie Rod

Posted By on December 16, 2007

VW GTI Bent Tie RodWinter weather has arrived and many drivers ‘new and old’ are remembering how to drive on slippery road again. Having a teenage driver who is still learning to mange rain, ice and snow is a recipe for car repairs — few escape unscathed, from what I can tell? This weekend was the first for my son as he called to let me know that he had a run in with a curb and the curb won. Relieved that he and his friends were okay, I headed off to give them rides home and inspected the damage. (I inched the car home with the alignment WAY off) Thankfully the damage was minor — scuffed rims, a leak in the tire and from what I can tell — only a bent tie rod. In doing a parts price check online, we should be able tbuy after market inner tie rod assembly for a reasonable price; I’ll check with the dealer on Monday as a comparison. For now, we are thankful that the initial learning experience didn’t cause any injuries or significant damage.


  • Dealer price for inner tie rod assembly: $42.50. Ordered.
    Web aftermarket price a bit less. Would it have been worth saving a couple bucks to go aftermarket plus shipping? Too late now.

  • ben

    Good shot of that tie rod! So the kid hit the crub eh?! Any bursh, or a Fents?

  • So far all is well … picked up the new one ($39) at the parts counter today. We’ll put things back together this weekend and have the leaky tire looked at … an probably get an alignment scheduled.

  • mike

    oh man today same happened to me but doin around 10 km and car slid with a 07 jetta, hit the curb sideways cost me 1300 for 2 tierods and a majorly chipped rim.

    man i had to let it out to someone who understood

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