Subaru to have diesel in the UK this February

Posted By on January 23, 2008

2008 Subaru OutbackThe diesel news from Subaru continues to trickle out of the auto shows this month after announcing they were developing a diesel boxer engine last year. (post) The first models to go on sale will be the Outback and the Legacy Sports Tourer in the UK in February 2008, with a much slower planned launch in the U.S. The 2.0L horizontally opposed four cylinder diesel produces 150 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque and will deliver over 40 U.S. miles per gallon … and still zip to 60mpg in about 8.5 seconds. With all-wheel drive, and one of the best resale values around, the Subaru Outback diesel will make a great vehicle WHEN it comes to the U.S. For the time being, I’m looking forward to reading the reviews even if they will be from the UK … and will anxiously looking forward to seeing this “smaller than the gasser” engine (2″ shorter) here in North America. (don’t expect to see the Subaru diesel in the U.S before 2010, unless something changes … but likely in a Forester and Imprezza too)


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