UDF Mug … going, going _____

Posted By on January 21, 2008

Ebay The Mug
As Alan Greenspan would say … irrational exuberance! 🙂 Ebay link.

EDIT 1/21 9:30 PM: The mug has been sold ($1025.00) thanks to some outrageously generous bidders (congratulations ‘dorky54‘). They must have realized that this is a highly prized collectible … or at least appreciate the work of RHM. Thanks to all who placed a bid and participated in the fun.


  • Wow … I looked down to post this and zoom the bidding continues to rise! $86 with an hour left to go … the bidders must not have noticed this photo?

  • I take my comment back … $56 was rational … the current 30 minutes of bidding is IRRATIONAL! (but good for RHM!)

  • Good grief! I just visited your blog for the first time today (linked here from the Handley’s sailing blog), read the tale of the ransomed mug (including yucky dog doo photo) 😛 Then I click on the ebay link, and see that it has been sold for a king’s ransom! Someone really wanted to save that poor coffe mug.

  • Thanks Cheryl … all for a good cause.

    BTW … I miss my daily sailing fix from Mark and Judy … send them back to Australia! (www.handleysail.com)

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