Volkswagen dealers frustrated with TDI delay

Posted By on February 12, 2008

TDI Badge 2008
Volkswagen TDI “diesel” owners and those anxiously awaiting the new Jetta TDI are not the only ones frustrated with not having new TDIs this past year … OR hearing that the spring release of the new 50 state VW ‘clean diesel’ TDI as been delayed until late summer 2008. (when most manufacturers will be bringing 2009 models to market)

BobGraceNorth American Volkswagen dealers have also listed it at the top on their ‘gripe list’ according to Automotive News when they interviewed Bob Grace, chairman of the Volkswagen National Dealer Advisory Council. “The Jetta TDI originally was due this spring but won’t arrive until late in the third quarter. That’s especially painful because VW didn’t build a 2007 TDI, so dealers have been without the model for some time. The new TDI will be a “clean diesel” that can be sold in all 50 states, unlike prior versions that couldn’t be sold in some major markets, including California and New York. Even with that restriction, the diesel accounted for 15 percent of Jetta sales, so dealers are hungry to sell the new one.” See interview article with Bob Grace. (or PDF if it becomes unavailable)


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