Rain, Rain … go away

Posted By on March 18, 2008

It’s wet outside … but I suppose it is better than more snow?
Spring Rain
When our dog no longer has a place to do her business because the ground is so saturated, we’ve had too much rain! (Palm Treo 700p photo)
EDIT: Tinkering with a Twitter script in the right sidebar tonight. I’m sure the ‘widget’ will grow old, but for now the geek in me finds it interesting. A cellphone or other SMS client can send a text message which displays instantly in the box to the right. Also here’s an AP story after the heavy rains … noting that “The Great Miami River, west of Cincinnati near the Indiana state line, crested at 25.85 feet Wednesday at Miamitown. That’s the fourth highest level since 1959, when record-keeping began at that location.”


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