Amazon’s TextBuyIt shopping service

Posted By on April 11, 2008

I’m on a text messaging roll … three posts in a row … but this one is a good one — très cool. launched a new service this week which allows looking up pricing from their site from your text messaging enabled cell phone — TextBuyIt.
text buy itPicture this … you head into you local office supply store to purchase a $60 toner cartridge for your old printer and happen to notice that a new printer is on sale … and wow its a color laser! The mood strikes and you start thinking … hmm, maybe a I’ll get the new printer … but are you getting a good price? You flip out your cell phone and text the UPC, ISBN or the product name or description to Amazon’s TextBuyIt — 262966. Within seconds a message comes to your phone with two prices prices and the ability to get additional information … or in Amazon’s case, a decision to purchase from them. (either on the cell phone or back home on your computer) If you want to buy, you text back “1” or “2” for the listed items. If you want more information, you text back “1d” or “2d” for details. If you want more options, text “m.” All the options available by text message can be retrieve by sending back the letter “h.”

I’m not so sure you’ll find me buying products by text message from Amazon, but I be checking prices. Hmm … lets go look at 42″ Plasma and LCD HDTVs.


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