SMAC and limited wifi connect times

Posted By on April 12, 2008

Panera Wifi Restrictions
I noticed that the free wifi spot that I occasionally frequent over lunch is restricting connect times to 30 minutes. It is understandable, but will probably for me to change my lunch stop (personally speaking 60 minutes would have been more appropriate). Interestingly a friend of mine who regularly connects at Panera Bread has come up with a devious solution — changing his computer’s ‘mac address’ using SMAC 2.0. I’ve installed it on my Vista OS Notebook and will give it a try.

smac 2.0
resetting mac
Follow up …
Unfortunately this didn’t work when I tried it earlier in the week. I held off posting as I wanted to review it with ‘IT guru’ friend. Unfortunately it will not work on my Vista notebook; I’m unable to change my MAC address manually or with the software. So much for me “sticking it to the man.”


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