Charlton Heston; Alzheimer’s blood test

Posted By on April 7, 2008

charltonhestonI was sad to hear of the passing of Charlton Heston (84) this past weekend, but the last few years of his life did bring to light (as it did with President Reagan) the struggle nearly 5 million Americans face — Alzheimer’s Disease. Heston, due to his notoriety, drew attention to the disease (2002 article) which helps keep research for a cure on the front burner.
Dr. Steven Lamm of NYU School of Medicine mentioned in a news brief on Monday that we now have a early stage blood test to help with detection of Alzheimer’s Disease. This can help doctors and patients facing the debilitating symptoms better prepare for and possibility stall the onset of severe memory loss. It is hoped that by recognizing what these test detect that we will eventually find a cure. For now, treatment is to help improve diet and mental stimulation; it is thought that the foods of the Mediterranean Diet can reduce the risk or minimize the disease. One of the interesting comments from the Fox News interview was at the tail end … Dr. Lamm mentioned “I start of my day with Omega 3s.”

(short news video clip below — I’m trying a few new encoding setting for better YouTube quality. Any better?)


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