McCain’s veep — Bobby Jindal?

Posted By on May 6, 2008

Bobby JindalAlthough I suspect Senator McCain might be persuaded to pick a more established Republican running mate, I’ve been monitoring the ‘chatter’ and am starting to think positively about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. With Jindal, McCain would bring a generation of new blood into the campaign and be able to win over the Ronald Reagan voters … and even right wing mouthpieces like Rush Limbaugh. (something the GOP “get out the vote” folks want to see happen)

Bobby Jindal, is only 36 and would compliment an aging John McCain well. He would offer an answer those turning to Obama over concern for the ‘age/generational’ reason. Last year, Jindal became the nation’s youngest governor — he exudes optimism for the struggling people of Louisiana; optimism is something our country really could use. I remember the ‘positive toned’ Ronald Reagan in 1980 after 4 negative years ‘weak’ America under Jimmy Carter. A little American pride and optimism would be helpful.

Jindal is the son of Indian immigrants who asks is friends at age four to call him Bobby after the Brady Bunch TV show character according to an article. He’s bright, graduating with honors from Brown University and attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. Before being elected as governor, he was elected to the House, served as an assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services and suffered a political loss his first run for governor. At age 36, he may be just what the McCain ticket needs … especially seeing that a McCain – Romney tickets receive only lukewarm attention. The polls show Romney actually hurts McCain with moderate voters. (Hmm … recent articles suggest that Bobby Jindal is not seeking the running mate spot with John McCain, but then most serious candidates would probably say that?)
EDIT: Same thoughts 😉 — Bill Krystal Op-Ed in the NYTimes


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