Do low rolling resistance tire improve mileage?

Posted By on June 21, 2008

Michelin TiresYes … but only by a small percentage says French automotive magazine Autoplus. (slightly more from diesel vehicles) Their winner was Michelin, which are made in France, and remained highway safe (handling and stopping distances) while offering fuel savings of 1 percent with gasoline and 3.8 for diesel vehicles. This translates from a few miles per tankful for vehicles like SUVs or higher powered vehicles, to perhaps an additional 20 or so for vehicles like the diesel powered VW TDIs. Are they worth the additional dollars … well you be the judge. (I’ve estimated that at current fuel prices my driving a VW TDI and Michelin low rolling resistance tires could save about $200 in fuel cost per set of 4 tires — depending on ones driving habits.)


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