Click and Clack “As The Wrench Turns”

Posted By on July 9, 2008

ClickandClackFor quite a few years National Public Radio has aired an entertainment ‘automotive related’ call-in program call CarTalk. It is being spun into an animated PBS TV show call “As The Wrench Turns.” The program will feature the zany brothers known as Click and Clack in a variety of “politically charged” situations. A quick viewing of PBS’s posted three minute clips should dispel any questions you might have regarding the programs political leanings. Nevertheless, it might be interesting to record on Tivo … we’ll see.

According to their bio, and what I’ve heard on their radio program, the two brothers are “motivated by the desire to escape their daily grind” and “continually become distracted, following their curiosity and ideas down various pathways that usually get them into some sort of trouble.” Episode one airs starting tonight on PBS at 8PM and will be interesting to know if Tom and Ray Magliozzi will be as successful visually as they have been verbally. I have my doubts if the preview is any indication.

click and clack


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