Nice day but too much to do …

Posted By on August 18, 2008

I really wanted to take off early today and head home to just lounge in the pool, but the pile of work to be done is not getting smaller. The summer is getting away from me and don’t see much slowing down before September.

First, we’ll be moving my son to college over the weekend (and celebrating my father-in-laws birthday). This is my son’s first year to college so the 9th floor dorm move in along with thousands of freshmen is sure to be a zoo. After that, we move my daughter back to medical school, although she’s pretty much ready and will have her car (a VW TDI of course) and is moving back into the same apartment. Once that’s done, then comes Labor Day weekend. For this I’m going to need to be ready for two big events: The annual Fly-In, Airshow and Pancake Breakfast that my EAA chapter is involved in, and then the North American TDIFest being held in Mason, Ohio. Our CinciTDI group is hosting the TDIFest OH8 this year and its a big task to arrange not only the accommodations, but the activities which are important for a successful event. Perhaps its just normal to feel a bit of pressure?


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