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Posted By on August 16, 2008

zipcar logoUsing a Zipcar might be an attractive option for some urban-ites, particularly if their city has decent mass transit and a footprint. I know a few, very few, people who live in larger metro areas and have learned to live without owning a car — although as a Midwestern suburban and rural oriented person can imagine NOT having a car. Nevertheless, a company call Zipcar was envisioned by the two founders in 1999 after seeing a ‘rent a car by the hour’ set-up in Berlin, Germany. They have set up a network of cities in the U.S., and also in London, which rent cars by the hour (or day) at a pretty competitive rate. The advantage for those living near Zipcar garage locations (major colleges for the most part) is that as a member you reserve a car online, swipe your badge and drive. There is no hassle with rental car locations or their lines, no garage problems, maintenance or even fuel fill up issues. As the Nightly Business Report video clip below demonstrates, users can even use some pretty attractive cars — not just the econo-boxes that are rented at the compact car level found at airports.

Zipcar in London
Zipcar locations in London

My thought was IF we take a trip to London and stay at a friends flat near The Tube and rail, we might want to use a Zipcar for those trips away from town?


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