Video: Sen. John McCain and Country First

Posted By on September 6, 2008

Country First
On Thursday night at the RNC, prior to Senator John McCain‘s speech accepting his party’s nomination, he was introduced by a short movie about his love for country and his life of service to our nation. His mother posed the question: “Where else in the history of the United States of America, have you had a person, over time, with the experience that he has?” The obvious answer is that there are very few individuals who have come to demonstrate this much devotion to country.

Besides delivering a ‘decent’ speech to 28.9 million viewers (more that Palin, Biden or Obama), McCain was able to present himself to the American people in a way that was realistic yet hopeful. His promises were still those of a politician, but promises which his life’s record have shown tireless effort. It will require bringing parties and ideas together, and perhaps even compromise, but more realistic under McCain than any other GOP candidate to date. Its hard to tell if this Senator who has stretched across party lines in the past, will be able to do the same if elected President? I’d like to think so … and for the best interest of our country, I’ll be supporting the dedicated and highly experienced John McCain for President. If little else, he has certainly demonstrated that he ‘does’ put “Country First” and loves our nation and its people. (to download a Quicktime movie of the entire speech, ‘right-click/save as’ this link)


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