Draft of “rescue/bailout” bill as of Sunday night

| September 28, 2008

I’m reading the latest document from Capital Hill on the government’s rescue effort from my congressman John Boehner. (PDF – September 28, 2008 | 6:31 pm) Also, here is the letter from the Office of Management and Budget on Rescue to Boehner’s office (see below). Nussle to Boehner – Upload a Document to Scribd Read […]

Nova Scotia braces for Hurricane Kyle

| September 28, 2008

Hurricane Kyle is heading just west of Halifax Nova Scotia today and could leave many without power and create more than just a disruption along thia pristine coastline. Each inlet, which already experiences significant tides, could have additional water along with wind and rain heading their way. Most of us don’t think of hurricanes affecting […]

NFL: Struggling Bengals and Browns go at it

| September 28, 2008

Not that it matters, but the Cincinnati starting quarterback Carson Palmer is just sitting on the sideline today as he watches his 0-3 Bengals take on the equally struggling Cleveland Browns. According to reports, he is capable of playing, but his elbow is sore after receiving beatings in the first three game. The franchise quarterback […]

Congress reports that they have a plan

| September 28, 2008

As I watch a bit of news before bed early Sunday morning, congress negotiators look to have come up with a ‘bailout’ plan. The whole group of leaders are walking out smiling at 12:28 AM and Nancy Pelosi announced that they have a “package to stabilize markets” and “protect citizens and taxpayer.” They still need […]

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