Global coordination by central banks around the world

Posted By on October 8, 2008

In an attempt to get money/credit flowing around the world, six central banks in coordination moved to cut interest rates on Wednesday. The goal is to offset a global economic slowdown that has been rippling through the financial and business world. rate cutsThis half-point rate cut included the central banks in the U.K., Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.S and in Europe. These cuts followed separate rate cuts in China, Hong Kong and Australia. The Fed’s reduction brought its interest-rate target down to 1.5%, ahead of its regularly scheduled meeting October 28-29, as the U.S. economy faces the prospect of deteriorating significantly in the coming months due to credit-market turmoil. Until recent weeks, Fed officials had resisted further easing due to worries about aggravating inflation risks after watching volatile swings in commodity prices throughout the past year.


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