Top Gear reviews the Honda FCX Clarity

Posted By on December 16, 2008


The somewhat irreverent automotive program Top Gear, with its opinionated hosts, generally does a pretty good job of bashing wienie cars with electric motors, but James May in a recent episode offered a different opinion. He had the chance to test drive the Honda FCX Clarity and film a report with guest Jay Leno. The FCX Clarity is the hydrogen fuel cell car being test marketed in California (the only place) by Honda and is perhaps the future of  “motorcars.” (just keeping the British flavor)

The fuel cell provides power to electric motors which provide enough power to create about 130 HP and can push the four door Honda to 100 mph. Interestingly Mr. May offers a pretty positive review of this electrically powered car — quite the surprise from someone who is a bit more interested in performance oriented  cars powered with an internal combustion engine.  In this episode, Mr. May travels from the UK to Los Angeles, California and puts the Clarity through its paces below.


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