Fiesta Bowl: Texas Longhorns 24 – Ohio State Buckeyes 21

Posted By on January 6, 2009

Texas score winning TDIt was an enjoyable night of football as we watch the Ohio State Buckeyes tangle with the Texas Longhorns in the Fiesta Bowl. The game was more exciting that most expected as the OSU defense held Colt McCoy and the Longhorn offense to 3 points in the first half and after falling behind early in the second half, came back to take the lead with less than 2 minutes to go.

The Texas offense then returned to their high powered passing and in a superb drive scored with only 16 seconds on the clock (photo left). Final score in an exciting game was 24-21. Congratulations Texas Longhorn fans … and the Buckeyes have every reason to look forward to next year.


  • Gary

    Hi Rich, enjoying the blog as always. Bryant and I watched the game last night, a thriller to the end. However, we were rooting for Texas. The daughter of a relative is dating Colt McCoy, QB for Texas, and she has been widely pursued in the press. Her name is Rachel Glandorf, currently lives in Vail, CO. and attends Baylor University. She actually became so popular with the press and fans that she had to pull her Facebook page. Stay in touch…Gary

  • Wow … the Rachel Glandorf connection is interesting.

    Colt McCoy’s performance all season (on the field and on camera) has been pretty impressive. I did enjoy the game even though I would have enjoyed seeing the Buckeyes win.

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