The inauguration of President Barack Obama

Posted By on January 20, 2009

BW view in Washington DC Jan 20, 2009

The Historic Inauguration of President Barack Obama - view on Jan. 20, 2009

On January 20, 2009,  Americans saw the power of peaceful change as President George Walker Bush stepped aside and heard the crowds cheered as President Barack Hussein Obama took office. Throngs of well-wishers filled Washington DC preceding today’s inauguration and many others gathered around televisions to watch this historic moment. It is a great testament to our great country to see such a site.

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I enjoyed the ceremony on television (some of it) and found it impressive to see past Presidents and Vice Presidents, and their wives, all gathered to welcome the Obamas and Bidens. Pastor Rick Warren delivered the prayer (mp3), Chief Justice Roberts swore in the new President and our new Commander in Chief delivered an inspiring inauguration speech.

Change has come to too -- linked to 'new' site


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