The FCC and the handling of Junk Fax complaints

Posted By on April 7, 2009

Junk fax complaint

Although my confidence is low that I’ll be able to reduce the number of “junk faxes” being sent to me, I’m going through the procedure put in place by the FCC anyway. The steps are fairly straight forward in entering a complaint online, but I suspect results may not be all that forthcoming?

An online complaint can be filed with the FCC at this web address, but it will require a few bits of information:

My suspicion: I believe that fax numbers are sold to different fax marketing firms who cater to the ‘cheap’ travel and boiler room investment types. Some may be pure scams and others may offer a product which I suspect is sub-standard. I’m also suspicious that just like the links on emails asking to be removed from an email list, that entering your fax number may increase the likelihood that you will receive more faxes rather than less (probably disguised as being from a different marketing firm). My advice is not to attempt to be removed from these lists but to ignore the marketing. I’ll update results from my complaint to the FCC here.

4/18/2009 Update: I received a letter from the FCC the past week:

FCC Letter 4/8/2009



  • What about a Mobius fax? 🙂 (Yes, I know, that’s against the law, too, and they probably discard it in software, too, but…)

  • peter u

    That also reminds me of the “Black Fax” days when employees of a rival company would send as many pages of black only from their computer to our company fax machine at night. We would arrive in the morning to a pile of black paper tying up our fax line and wasting all of our fax supplies. We filed suit against the calling number but couldn’t prove that it was an employee of the company doing the sending … just that the phone logs confirmed that it was from our competitor.

    Good luck Rich at fighting this. We eventually used a machine that was connected to our network so that the fax could be previewed before printing. It was a pain because everything was done by fax back in the early days of computers.

  • Interesting comments. In other words, I should just be happy receiving a few unwanted faxes from marketers rather than fighting them? Thanks guys. (I had to look up Black Fax:

  • I have sent numerous complaints to FCC,some with phone#,websites,address,etc.,to no avail.After receiving a junk fax yesterday for mortgage refinancing that had a form to fax back.I faxed them back (several times) with a” no more junk faxes”request.Apparently they don’t like this and started faxing me plain black sheets.They forgot to send them from their” blocked”number.The company sending these faxes was:FAX QOM AND THEIR FAX # 650-655-6633.I called the FCC with this info, but they were not interested.

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