Rumor: the Palm Pre may be released by Sprint on June 7th

| May 8, 2009

The MyPre website posted comments about a possible June 7th release of the Palm Pre. They pointed to an alleged leaked internal meeting agenda that will be taking place from June 3rd through June 5th. Historically June 7th has been a Sprint  launch day for new products. Also, according to the buzz in Palm Pre […]

Volvo Ocean Race photos in

| May 8, 2009

In my second sailing entry for the day, the razor sharp photo to the left is of Thomas Johanson (click photo for larger) the helmsman for Team Ericsson 3 in the Volvo Ocean Race. This Oskar Kihlborg was one of the featured photos in an excellent The Big Picture page. The Volvo Ocean Race […]

Archiving article on ‘1000Days’ sailor Reid Stowe

| May 8, 2009

I regularly read the updates from Reid Stowe and his 1000 Days at Sea Mars Ocean Odyssey and wanted to archive an AP story from earlier in the week. The AP article written by Verena Dobnik was published a couple days ago and portrayed Soanya and Reid’s story as “quirky” — at least the beginning. […]

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  2. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; random: a desultory remark.
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