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Posted By on May 8, 2009

Thomas Johanson the helmsman for Team Ericsson 3 in the Volvo Ocean RaceIn my second sailing entry for the day, the razor sharp photo to the left is of Thomas Johanson (click photo for larger) the helmsman for Team Ericsson 3 in the Volvo Ocean Race. This Oskar Kihlborg was one of the featured photos in an excellent The Big Picture page. The Volvo Ocean Race (formerly called the Whitbread) is a high performance around the world sailing race that started in Europe and travels nearly 40,000 miles stopping in 9 to 10 cities. The heavily sponsored race pushes man and technology to its limits making the famous America’s Cup sailing race seem as if it is for lightweights. Although the coverage in the U.S. is rather sparse, worldwide about 2 billion people will see television coverage of the race. At minimum, check out the outstanding photos on the site … Boston is the 6th and current sixth port city for the eight teams competing in this around the world race.

The yachts racing in the Volvo Ocean Race are 21.5 meters and manned my a fit crew of 11.  The will remain in Boston Harbor until May 16th heading ‘across the pond’ to Galway, Ireland and concluding in St. Petersburg, Russia at the end of June.


ABN AMRO ONE heads out of Port Phillip Bay and round The Heads in the Volvo Ocean Race restart Melbourne to Wellington (1,450Nm) (© Oskar Kihlborg)



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