Follow up: EFE gazebo project nears completion

Posted By on May 6, 2009

I know that I’ve posted one too many photos of the gazebo progress, but one more picture taken while the sun sets won’t hurt. This one was taken on Tuesday night just after the construction workers installed the railings and before the rain came today, Wednesday 5/6/2009.

I’ll also use this to mention that I’ve been pleased with the WordPress plug-in called Lightbox2 which creatively displays a larger version of images when available. For example, if you click the above photo, Lightbox will creatively open a new larger image in most browsers while darkening the post behind it. I liked it enough to included the plug-in as a suggestion as ‘top ten list’ for beginning bloggers to the  WMUB Help Desk radio/podcast yesterday — here’s the mp3 link. to the program (right-click/save as).

EDIT: A November 21, 2009 follow up photo after the gazebo was complete.


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