Social Networking consolidators Skimmer and Seesmic

Posted By on May 4, 2009

Animated avatar for RichCI’ve noticed increased number of programs proposing to consolidate social networking sites with software or websites. This weekend I thought I would give a couple of them a try, even though I don’t really use too many different social networking platforms.

First, I installed Skimmer by Fallon, and then Seesmic Desktop, both which are Adobe AIR apps. The first one does a pretty good job of accessing several popular services: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Blogger, but I wasn’t comfortable with the interface (probably didn’t give it enough time?). I did use it to update the small avatar photo (above) to Flickr and send to my Blogger account though.

The second, Seesmic Desktop, was pretty interesting in that it reminded me of the TweetDeck app that I use primarily for Twitter and Twitpic, although it looks a bit more powerful. There’s support for multiple Twitter accounts and offers drag and drop and has functional column views as we’ll as making the detachable. I’m reluctant to give up Tweetdeck at the moment, but it does look as if this Adobe AIR app has one upped them? (check out the Seesmic Desktop video below.


  • Bob

    That’s a pretty cool avatar. How did you do it?

  • Brenda

    you are pretty scary….the picture anyway…hahaha

  • ==> I’ve removed both pieces of software from my computer. I just didn’t like them or find use for them all that much.

    It’s an animated GIF … a bit ‘old school’ compared to using Flash but for tiny avatars it works well. I basically only used a couple of frames and adjusted the frame rates so that there was a still pause then quicker blink. Thanks for the comment.

    Sadly, you have to look at my ‘scary’ mug every day! See you tonight. 😉

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