Arrived safely home and looking at a busy Monday

Posted By on July 26, 2009

Flying into CVGThe final flight crosses the Ohio River and lands at CVG

We arrived home safely after a long day of traveling. Up at 4:45 AM in Southampton UK (5 hrs ahead of home EST) and grabbed a quick breakfast on the NCL Jade before ‘debarking’ and recovering our luggage. The trip to London Heathrow was slow, but comfortable as I had a bus seat all to myself.

Unfortunately we still arrived at the airport well before our flight and was questioned by both my wife and daughter about my lack of planning the flight home (a concern for my daughter since her “Prologue’ for M3 starts at 8AM Monday and she still had to drive to NEOUCOM). Finally aboard our Boeing 777 we enjoyed row 17 (better planning & seat picking as it is the extended leg seat behind first class and a hint for overseas flights) and took a nap after our decent tasting airline food chicken lunch.

We cleared customs after a ‘cattle maze’ and waited an hour or so for our flight to Cincinnati. After adding the 5 hours and drive home … we were pretty much ready for bed knowing it will be a busy day on Monday.

Hopefully I’ll get the Word docs and photos posted to my blog covering the several missed days shortly, as I wouldn’t mind having them there for posterity.



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