Red Stewart Airshow & EAA Chapter 284 Tail Dragger Fly In

Posted By on September 7, 2009

The weekend was busy as usual with the annual Red Stewart Airshow and my Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter’s (EAA284) Tail Dragger Fly In and Pancake breakfast. Set up was smooth on Saturday afternoon and most of us enjoy relaxing for the evening on the field as the temperature cooled and the airshow started. I can say with assurance that everyone enjoyed Stewart’s hospitality and the excellent performances by mostly local aerobatic pilots. The show topper as usual was the nighttime performance by Bill Leff in his T-6 “Texan” with a spectacular display of aerobatics in the dark with lights and pyrotechnics. It was definitely worth staying until after dark.

Waiting for Fireworks Drew and Katelyn eating icecream

Speaking of after dark and pyrotechnics, the Cincinnati Riverfest Fireworks on Sunday evening were great too. We arrived just after dinner and relaxed for a few hours on the levy while waiting for the 9:05 show to begin. It was great and we really couldn’t complain since leaving with nearly a half-million wasn’t all that bad. It only took us about a half hour to get onto the interstate; not bad considering?

Fireworks from bridge Raining fireworks from bridge
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