Palm webOS 1.3.5 end of 2009 update

Posted By on December 30, 2009

Palm Pre update screen

Another phone to blog test this one with a photo from the Palm Pre ‘Update’ screen (via Posterous but edited):

Palm updated their webOS to version 1.3.5 during the last few days of 2009, and from my preliminary testing has improved the speed on my Pre. I’m hoping for battery improvement that has been promised, especially better ‘juice’ management when in areas of questionable cell coverage. One such area on my phone was on Christmas day visiting my parents; I glance at my nearly unused Palm Pre about 3PM and the phone had shut itself off.

As for an overall opinion, I do like the Pre but miss several of the features and applications that were available on the Treo/Centro models. Improvements are coming as is my appreciation for several features not available on other devices:

  • – multiple apps
  • – good quality camera
  • – wifi AND wifi tethering
  • – physical keyboard
  • – synegy with Google contacts & calendar
  • – multiple email account merging
  • – SMS threading (Blackberry users will understand this)
  • – ease of updating and online backup of data
  • – form factor, size, display quality and audio apps (Stitcher, Pandora, Accuradio, MP3, etc – soon Flash video support)

All in all the improvements seem slow, but are coming. I enjoy and look forward to each — keep them coming.

— Sent from my Palm Pre


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