Spotted a Cruising World issue on season 3 NCIS episode

Posted By on December 31, 2009

I’ve mentioned my favorite sailing magazine (Cruising World) before on my blog, but a fraction of a second appearance of a December 2003 issue in one of my favorite CBS television programs, NCIS, made my night.

CWinNCIS_Untouchable_S3  CW_Dec2003cover

We’ve been working our way through the television series when during the ‘Untouchable’ episode in Season 3 of NCIS, the above photo (left) appeared for a brief moment at the crime scene. As a long time Cruising World reader (circulation 135,000 – see PDF), the CW masthead flicking across the screen caught my eye … to my wife and daughter’s amusement. Of course I had to follow this up with finding the actual issue from my bookshelf … and blogging on it! Might also be worth sending out a tweet to @cruisingworld?


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