Facebook is making social networking inroads in my life

Posted By on January 20, 2010

facebookalias After years of resisting the thought of using ‘my kids’ preferred social networking site Facebook, I’m starting get the urge to check my “wall” (or “walls” plural – explained below) once in a while. Usually this occurs after being send a link, or receiving an email invite from someone I might, or might not, know. When Katelyn and Taylor were home from college over Christmas, I mentioned my reservation of being connected with them and their friends through Facebook, seeing that connection as something only “helicopter parents” might do? They though I was a bit nutty and proceeded to give me a Facebook primer and even enjoyed looking up a few of my wife’s ex-boyfriends.
Then a couple days ago Jerry Moody, my college roommate for all 4 of my undergrad years, sent me a Facebook invite to jerrymoody_fb2010connect with him —we hadn’t talked since the 1980’s! I thought he must have dropped off the face of the earth after moving to Idaho, somewhat like my best friend from high school (aka: Kamakaz) … I should probably look him up someday? As I began to accept the invite, I realize he had found me on an alias Facebook account. To my “walls plural comment above, in my ‘Internet’ wisdom (or lack thereof) I had set up three different Facebook accounts over the years … who knows why … but for those who know me well, this multiple account thing is a known issue. It doesn’t seem to matter what ‘it’ is, but I’m addicted to having a back-up whether a phone number, 800 phone number, Google voice number or Google, Yahoo, Live or whatever account, overseas SIM card when traveling, email account (who knows how many), domain name, web servers, hard drives, flash cards, computers, every possible log-in … or in this case Facebook accounts – Main, Backup & Backup of back up. (Perhaps I should check with my daughter who has just finished her medical school Psychiatry rotation?)

Back to Facebook and connecting with my old college roommate; it was great to hear from him and know that he and his family are fine. Jerry has one getting married, another in college, a son in the Navy and one in junior high school. Interestingly his reasoning for Facebook was to connect with his son being deployed for 300 days – that a long first stretch to be away from home. Good luck staying connected and hope for good Skype connections – check out a “convoluted way to connect.”


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