MyTether “no patch” Beta installed and running fine

Posted By on January 29, 2010

The MyTether “no patch” beta fix was release while I was traveling this week. I didn’t have the nerve to install on my Palm Pre in fear of ‘bricking’ it so waited until this afternoon to reinstall. So far so good, although the speeds aren’t what dslreportstest100129I would like, most likely due to 5PM Sprint network traffic?

The original WiFi tethering application for webOS phones has been available for a while, but recent updates have prevented ease of use and made quick connections cumbersome. A temporary fix was to “patch” and re-boot one’s phone before each use – also disabling the camera app on the Pre. Hopefully those problems are now behind Palm Pre and Pixi users.

I was able to make a Skype video and audio call without problems this afternoon, as well as LogMeIn-ed to my home computer. My advice to those using MyTether is “use it sparingly” so as to preserve bandwidth and keep the network running smoothly. I’m sure I speak for all cellphone data users that we’re not anxious to see the heavy handed practices that eliminate access (without shelling out big $$$) for those of us finding 3G cellphone to computer as a way to stay connected.


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