Ohio to get $400M for high-speed rail

Posted By on January 28, 2010

Hmm … I don’t want to be negative just because I dislike big government and excessive borrowing … but will a high speed rail service really be the best investment for our state? I drive from Cincinnati to NE Ohio every week, but unless I could park safely and cheaply on this end and rent a car easily and cheaply on the other end I just can see “even me” using high speed rail every week. Frankly I’d rather see less borrowing, smaller government and tax breaks for small business and start-ups.
Dayton Union Station concept

WASHINGTON — Ohio will receive $400 million in federal economic stimulus funds to establish high-speed rail lines that will carry passengers between Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said Thursday, Jan. 29.

The U.S. Department of Transportation will provide the money. It is less than the $564 million that Ohio requested, but Gov. Ted Strickland said it will be enough for the work that must be done.

The project would create thousands of permanent jobs and economic development along the rail route, as well as temporary construction jobs, Brown said.

Ohio rail passengers could connect with service to Chicago and the East Coast. At least six million people live within 15 miles of Ohio’s proposed rail route.

It would provide the first regularly scheduled passenger rail service between Ohio’s major cities in more than 30 years, Brown said.

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