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Posted By on January 17, 2010

If you have a need to send a large file, such as a video, compressed archives or entire directories, or other large digital files where the size is too large for email or normal FTP file sharing services which limit file sizes (often around 400MB), logothen give a try. This free (but advertising buggy — so be warned) site receives your uploaded file and will even split the file into ‘parts’ that are loaded to multiple sites. Once uploaded, a link can be emailed automatically (or copied and directly shared) to the person who needs the large file. Personally I’m not fond of the excessive ‘in your face’ advertising associated with these websites and mirrored websites, but the service is free and can help to send large files. I tested this with both and large video file and a PDF, although prefer using something like Sugarsync, Carbonite or Dropbox … even the subscription versions.


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