The 2010 season premiere of 24 highlighted the Palm Pre

Posted By on January 18, 2010


There was a day when we didn’t watch much TV, but nowadays that wouldn’t be true. Besides too much football and cable news, my wife and I have become addicted to a few weekly programs … one which had its 2010 season premiere Sunday evening: 24. As usual, it was exciting and left me hanging in anticipation for the next episode … thankfully it will be Monday night.

HULU Video deleted

But that’s not the point. In the season premiere one of the new CTU agents was hanging up her cellphone when I noticed it was a Sprint Palm Pre. I promptly snapped the photo and Twittered to Twitpic … what a geekly thing to do (below). The program does tend to highlight many of the latest tech gadgets and often has them doing much more than is realistic … in this case it was just a phone call, although it looked as if the agent used the slider feature to hang the call up (it doesn’t do that).

Palm Pre on 24

Edit: Adding a couple more photos from February 2010 episodes below
– taken with my Palm Pre off television screen (click for larger).

Palm Pre on 24

Another Palm Pre on 24


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