One year with Palm webOS and the Pre smartphone

Posted By on May 17, 2010

It seems much longer than a year, but the Palm based webOS smartphone has been out for almost 1 year  on the Sprint network. palmpretouchstoneIt has expanded to Verizon and recently to AT&T and is available through carriers in Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Irerland, Spain and France.

Still, between the recession ridden economy and stiff competition from Android devices and Apple iPhones, Palm is surviving, although has struggled financially. This struggle culminated in a sale to Hewlett-Packardmost seeing this as a good thing. Palm needed deeper pockets and more clout, and HP a way to expand their business. Many HP advocates view the acquisition of Palm’s webOS as a way to introduce up and coming tablet in a new segment of the computing market (HP Slate). It will compete head to head with Apple and their iPad, as well as their app store and may surface as the prefer technology for ereading. Personally, I think remaining competitive is going to continue to be an uphill battle, but after a year of improvements with webOS, I’ve been reasonably happy with it for a smartphone OS. The Palm Pre is a small, compact full featured, “physical” keyboard device … and is as good a multitasking device one can currently carry comfortably in a pocket.  Even thought the Android devices have made the biggest advances this year in my opinion, I’d have little problem recommending a webOS Palm Pre.

On a tinkering note, someone actually installed webOS on a Dell notebook …


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