Republican vs Democrat and TV show preferences

Posted By on November 11, 2010

Although including politically oriented subject matter on my blog is divisive, it is still something that “we” talk about in our daily grind so I’ll still continue to include a few pointed posts. I’d like to think that with November 2nd is behind us we’ll see a year or so of productive governing in Washington DC … but who am I kidding … we are a divided country when it comes to how much government we want overseeing our lives.

On a lighter political note, Experian Simmons research looked at the television viewing habits of Republicans and Democrats. Some of the numbers were of no surprise … Glenn Beck on FoxNews was popular with Republicans and Countdown with Keith Obermann on MSNBC was popular with Democrats. On the other hand, Modern Family, featuring a gay couple with their adopted daughter, came is as a number 3 show for Republicans, yet was relatively popular with Democrats too. Number 3 for the Democrats was the premium channel Showtime’s Dexter, a program that received far less attention in Republican homes. What was interesting is that most ‘reality’ shows were popular across the political spectrum.

Where do your viewing habits tell you about your political leanings?


For the record, my wife were disappointed not to see a few of our favorite programs on the list, but ranked the ones that we have watched this order:

  1. NCIS
  2. Glenn Beck
  3. The Big Bang Theory
  4. V
  5. Modern Family
  6. Parks and Recreation
  7. Dexter (although DVD only)
    *** many of the programs we aren’t even familiar with


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