TED app coming to HP Palm webOS devices

Posted By on November 5, 2010

For those of us who enjoy TED Talks, there’s a new app on its way for the HP webOS devices like the Palm Pre that should make content available on the go. According to a post on the Toondoctor, the app will be free as well as ad free.


  • Browse, search and view video of TED Talks;
  • Browse, search and listen to TED Podcasts;
  • Add TED Talks or Podcasts to your TED Favourites;
  • View a calendar of TED Conferences and add them to your webOS Calendar app;
  • View profiles of TED Fellows;
  • Shuffling tiles in landscape TED Talks and Podcast modes.

System Requirements

  • Compatible with webOS 1.4 and higher.



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